Initial In-Home Session 

This session is the perfect starting point for any dog owner!

Our goal is not simply to train your dog while we are there, but to provide owners with the skills and fundamental knowledge necessary to continue the training experience day in and day out.

During this private in-home dog training session, Yoni will evaluate your dog in his/her home environment (or, if preferred, at our facility) and help solve ANY issue(s) you may be facing. Yoni will then help you pick the training program that’s right for you!



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In-Home Training Programs (4-8 sessions)

If you’re interested in working one-on-one with Yoni in your home, then this is the program for you! Yoni will guide you through all of his fundamental training exercises to ensure you reach your ultimate dog training goals.

During the first 4 in-home lessons, we address all behaviors you may be dealing with as well as all the on-leash training exercises.

The remaining lessons will help you transition all your training to have that dog that is reliable off the leash under any distraction!

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$550 (4 sessions)

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$1,000 (8 sessions)

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Dog Rehabilitation BootCamp (2-5 weeks + 4 sessions)

Our BootCamp is specifically designed to put your dog(s) through extensive training 24 hours per day in our facility.

We offer 2 and 5-week training programs. The 2-week program is designed to teach your dog to be reliable off the leash.

Our 5-week program is particularly useful when dealing with dogs with serious aggression, or anxiety.

During your dog’s stay, they will have plenty of one-on-one time as well as time spent with the rest of the dogs here in training.

Each program includes 4 private training lessons!


2 Wks.

5 Wks.

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*All program fees are due at the start of your training program.