NEW Online Dog Training Program - $49.95

Balancing Paws Online Dog Training Series will take you through the same training program we use with dog owners around the world. Our program revolves around the fundamentals that help your dog develop Focus, Patience & Self Control.

  • Philosophies
  • Fundamentals of Spacial Awareness
  • On-Leash Obedience Exercises
  • Greeting Guests at the Door
  • Relationship Building
  • & More!

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Emily B.

Yoni has truly helped us understand our dogs and their behavior and taught us how to handle and get their aggression under control! Our two dogs have done his day camp, private sessions in our home, and group classes at his facility. He is always available to answer questions and provide positive feedback to us. Other trainers don't compare to the compassion and knowledge that Yoni and his team have. We recommend Balancing Paws to all dog owners everywhere, no matter what you need help with. Truly amazing!

Jenna T.

When our son was born, our french bulldog, who had previously been our "baby", had a tough time adjusting. He was having some behavioral issues, so we went to see Yoni on a recommendation from a friend. In one session, our dog was like a new dog. I couldn't take him on walks before because he would bark and growl at other dogs and people and pull like crazy. Now I can walk him and the baby in the stroller and he just ignores other dogs. He was also going out in the backyard and barking all night - not anymore! Our dog seems so much happier and calmer, and we are too! I would definitely recommend Balancing Paws to anyone looking for help with their dogs.

Nick H.

Balancing Paws is top-notch!

Yoni and his team at Balancing Paws are incredible, seriously! We had one of our dogs stay with his team for a week and when she came back to us, she was a different (much more balanced dog).

Yoni equipped us with the tools to maintain what he created and because of that, the stress in our household is gone and our two dogs have never seemed happier.

We still go to the group classes because the environment Yoni has created is excellent!

Leave It

"Leave it" is a command that many dog owners struggle with before they start our training program. This video will help you work through the beginning stages of "Leave it."