About Us

Balancing Paws Dog Training, founded by Yoni Kachlon in September of 2012, is the premier Phoenix dog training & rehabilitation service. Balancing Paws is usually the last stop for dog owners who have tried just about everything.

We take a positive and practical approach to teaching your dog our formula for success: FOCUS, PATIENCE, SELF CONTROL. A dog with these three characteristics is safe and always a pleasure to be around. "We don't just train dogs, we change lives."

"We don't just train dogs, we change lives."

Yoni Kachlon

Founder & Dog Behavior Specialist

Hello all, my name is Yoni Kachlon. I’ve always been of the opinion that any dog, no matter the breed, upbringing, or temperament, can be loving and docile while retaining the playful energy that makes them so enjoyable as companions.

This goes back to the first dog I ever encountered, an unstable and, at times, overly aggressive Rottweiler that my family owned. Eventually, with some training, and the necessary affection, we were able to acclimate him to a domestic environment, enough so that I could ride on his back all over the house!

My love for dogs continued unabated into my college years, when I moved into a fraternity house at Arizona State University and decided to adopt a young pit bull named Jasmine. Everyone, my parents included, thought that I had made a huge mistake, and all the social interaction Jasmine would experience would guarantee that she would bite someone in the future, or worse. Nevertheless, I took on the task of raising Jasmine the way I thought was right, and she responded by being the most caring, loving, and gentle dog anyone could ask for.

Fast forward to my senior year of college, when my mother calls me during my winter break to inform me that my family could no longer afford to pay my tuition. My options were to either move home, or find a suitable job and pay my way back into school. Going home would mean I would have to give up Jasmine, so I began searching for a full-time job to cover the expenses. Then I wondered what I would do with Jasmine if I was working eight hours a day, five days a week, on top of a full semester of classes.

That’s what led me to the idea of opening my own Dog Training Scottsdale and Phoenix dog care service, allowing me to accommodate the need for a job, while still giving Jasmine the love and attention she (and all dogs) need. In September of 2012 I was fortunate enough to win the Training Cesar's Way sweepstakes to go meet and train under world-famous "Dog Whisperer" and his team of elite trainers, Brian Agnew and Cheri Lucas, in Santa Clarita California.

 Yoni is qualified to help you with all you doggy needs!

Yoni Kachlon had the privilege of taking his Phoenix Dog Training business to the next level by winning the "Training Cesar's Way Sweepstakes" to meet and learn from world renowned "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Milan at Training Cesar's Way Workshop in California.