Is Your Dog...

  • Pulling on the leash?
  • Jumping on your guests?
  • Easily distracted?
  • Not coming when called?
  • Aggressive toward people or animals?
  • Barking excessively? 
  • Overly fearful or anxious?
  • Out of control in public settings?
Then you came to the right place!
Here at Balancing Paws Dog Training, we have the solution to all your dog training needs.
Our main focus is to strengthen the bond you share with your dog through positive, practical techniques that build mutual trust and respect.   
Whether you're looking to create the ultimate relationship with your dog, need to train a newly acquired puppy or, or are dealing with some less than desirable behaviors with your dog, we can help! 
Yoni, the founder and dog trainer at Balancing Paws, doesn't believe there is such a thing as a lost cause and has found continued success with some of the most difficult cases.
Yoni also specializes in service dog and off-leash training! 
Scottsdale Dog Training